What is the difference between royal cut and elegant cut crystal?

Royal Cut- a combination of high quality, lead-free, machine cut and polished crystals, and full-lead machine-cut crystals, whose appearance rivals that of a more expensive chandelier crystal. Elegant Cut- Elegant Cut Crystals consist of 30% high quality full-lead machine-cut crystal that is above industry standards.

What is elegant crystal?

EC = Elegant Cut, Elegant Cut Crystal consist 30% of high quality full-lead machine-cut crystal that is above industry standards. It possesses sharp faceting polished to a visual radiance. … Made in Austria, each facet is perfectly cut and polished by machine to maintain optical purity and consistency.

Which crystal is best for chandelier?

Swarovski Crystal offers the finest chandelier crystal option available.

  1. Swarovski Elements Crystal Glass. …
  2. Spectra Crystal. …
  3. Egyptian / Moroccan Crystal (Gemcut) …
  4. Turkish Crystal (Handcut, Heritage Handcut, Regal) …
  5. Italian Crystal (Legacy, Venetian) …
  6. K9 and Chinese Crystal.

How can you tell if a crystal chandelier is real?

Examine the Glass Color

The color of the glass in an old crystal chandelier is another clue as to its origins and age. The high lead content of a 19th-century chandelier makes the glass appear to have a gray tint. This is a good indication that the chandelier is authentic and not a modern reproduction.

What is Spectra Swarovski crystal?

Gem cut, Egyptian, or Spectra Lead Crystal

Though not as expensive as Strass or Swarovski crystal, this crystal is characterized by a prismatic brilliance, visual purity, sharp faceting and precise polishing all its own. Spectra Crystal is manufactured like Strass crystal but without the optical coating.

What is the best grade for crystals?

Gemstone grading is assigned by letter. AAA is the highest grade while D is the lowest. AA – AAA grade gemstones beads are usually more expensive, higher quality, and near-perfect. These gemstone beads are not usually color-enhanced and most of them are faceted cut.

What are the hanging crystals on a chandelier called?

What are the crystals hanging from a chandelier called? Chandelier crystals, which can be any color, cut and polished into many different sizes and shapes, are called pendalogues—occasionally spelled as pendeloques.

What is the most common type of crystal?

Quartz is our most common mineral. Quartz is made of the two most abundant chemical elements on Earth: oxygen and silicon. Atoms of oxygen and silicon join together as tetrahedrons (three sided pyramids). These stack together to build crystals.

What is the most expensive crystal chandelier?

The Solstice Comete is by far the most expensive chandelier in the Baccarat showroom, costing $170,000. The Zenith with 48 lights is a dazzling display of luxury crystal.

How do I know if my chandelier is worth money?

Like any collectible, a chandelier that is in good, original condition will have more value than one that is in poor condition or that has been extensively refurbished. Examine the crystal to look for chips and cracks. Check whether any pieces of the crystal are missing or have been replaced with newer material.

How can you tell if you have a Swarovski crystal chandelier?

Check for laser logo: If you are purchasing Swarovski Strass Crystal it is easy to tell if it is authentic as there is a laser etched trapezoid logo inside the crystal. If the crystal is the highest quality Swarovski, vendors will always state that it is Swarovski Strass.

What is the difference between K5 and K9 crystal?


Borosilicate glass is not, strictly speaking, crystal, as its lead content is below 10% (the original terms “K5″ and K9” refer to the percentage of lead oxide content — 5% and 9% respectively). K9 glass should be considered to be a higher quality than K5 glass.

Is a Swarovski crystal real?

Swarovski Crystal isn’t Actually Crystal

It’s actually a form of glass created with a patented process. Crystal nerds will be able to spot the difference on sight, as Swarovski has a higher refraction index than true crystal, closer to a diamond.

What is Imperial crystal?

Moder® Crystal offers IMPERIAL™ Crystal trim (-22), which blends a quality look with a great price point. These Crystal Chandeliers are trimmed with a combination of high Crystal qualities from some of these Crystal sources: Austria, Czech Republic, Egypt, and Crystal from other sources.

What is a Grade B crystal?

crystals often have different grades. The higher the grade (Extra or A), the more beautiful the color of the crystal. The lower the grade (B or C), the lower the quality so it doesn’t look as pretty, vibrant or luxurious. #

What is B grade rose quartz?

It is B Grade–the paler, more opaque and less saturated pink color of the two grades we have available in the shop. The chunk is characterized by rough, unshaped edges, and pink color which varies in shade from one piece to another.

How can you tell the quality of crystals?

-Crystal has the following attributes: 24 percent lead content, bright reflective quality, clear overall appearance, silver or silver/purple hue, rainbow prism effect when held up to the light, thinner than regular soda-lime glass and heavier than regular soda-lime glass.

What are chandelier crystals made of?

The basics of chandelier crystals

All crystals are made of glass. However, the glass used to craft chandelier crystals is very different from the glass in your windows, drinking cups, eyeglasses and so on. Crystal contains lead oxide, which gives it more weight and more refraction than normal glass.

What are the different types of chandeliers?

Take a look at some of the different forms that chandeliers can be found in.

  • Rectangular Chandeliers. Movimento Rectangular Chandelier by Ridgely Studio.
  • Round Chandeliers. P592-593 Bowl (Large) By George Kovacs.
  • Cluster Chandeliers. …
  • Sputnik Chandeliers. …
  • Caged Chandeliers. …
  • Globe Chandeliers. …
  • Beaded Chandeliers. …
  • Brass Chandeliers.

What makes a good chandelier?

Your chandelier should be about 12 inches narrower than the dining table surface. The design should also have at least 4 feet of distance from the room walls. Making sure that your chandelier ‘floats’ with enough breathing around it is key.

What crystals should not be in your bedroom?

“Crystals that can be overstimulating should not be kept in the bedroom,” she says. These include turquoise and moldavite. “Everyone has a different response energetically to specific crystals, so if you share your bed with another, it’s best to explore their receptivity before adding to the bedroom,“ says Winquist.

What is the rarest crystal?

Taaffeite is considered the rarest crystal in the world because there are only around 50 known samples of this rare gemstone. When Taaffeite was first identified in 1945 by Irish gemologist Edward Taaffe (the rare crystal’s namesake), he initially thought it was a spinel.

What are the 6 major crystal types?

There are six basic crystal systems.

  • Isometric system.
  • Tetragonal system.
  • Hexagonal system.
  • Orthorhombic system.
  • Monoclinic system.
  • Triclinic system.

What is the most expensive chandelier brand?

#1__The most expensive chandelier ever sold at auction was a__Givenchy Royal Hanover German silver eight-light chandelier by William Kent. It earned more than $9 million at Christie’s London’s July 7, 2011, sale. The piece, designed in 1736, was valued at $4 million to $5.7 million.

Why are crystal chandeliers so expensive?

There are a few fixtures that make use of different varieties of expensive crystals to make them look more elegant and also extravagant. Since most crystals are not available at a cheaper price, and hence this itself bumps up the cost of the chandelier.

What makes a chandelier expensive?

Chandeliers are expensive because it does require special expertise to make them and the time and effort required are not trivial at all. More importantly, there are rarely any manufacturers in the US or EU who make chandeliers which means that most chandelier products are imported from abroad.

How do you tell the difference between a crystal and glass chandelier?

The glass has a colorful tint according to the used ingredients (greenish shade when iron oxide is used), the crystal is always clear, translucent. With proper grinding, the crystal gets clean, with rounded edges and areas that beautifully reflect the light.

What is a Marie Therese chandelier?

The Maria Theresa chandelier is a very distinctive style of light fitting, first appearing in Austria in the 18th century. The distinctive metal frames are always faced with cut crystal glass and held in place with small glass rosettes. They will always be dressed with crystal pendalogues.

What can you do with old chandeliers?

Repurpose Your Old Chandelier!

  1. 1 1. DIY Terrarium.
  2. 2 2. Create Your Own Candle Holders.
  3. 3 3. Make A Jaw Dropping Glass Accent Mirror.
  4. 4 4. Etched Works Of Art.
  5. 5 5. Update The Look and Leave It Hanging.
  6. 6 6. Solar Power Your Chandelier.
  7. 7 7. Pot Your Plants In It!
  8. 8 8. Serve Up Party Treats.

Are there different grades of Swarovski crystals?

Basic Classification. Crystals from SWAROVSKI®, in past also known (and today still referred to) as Swarovski Elements, can be divided into two main groups: standard products and forward integrated items.

How can I tell if my Swarovski crystal is real?

Look at the quality of the surface of the crystal. A genuine Swarovski will sparkle and have no scratches, fogginess or swirl marks. An imitation crystal will appear foggy and have scratches and swirl marks.

Why does Swarovski use a swan logo?

The legendary Austrian brand used an Edelweiss flower as its symbol for more than 100 years of its history. It was a symbol of Austria with its snow mountains, and purity of the glass. In 1988 the brand created the new logo, which we all know today — the famous Swarovski Swan.

Is Swarovski K9 crystal?

K9 glass, sometimes referred to as K9 crystal, is a variety of optical borosilicate crown glass. … K9 is produced in large quantities by China, which sells it at a price far below higher-quality well-known glass manufacturers such as Swarovski. The use equivalent of K9 is BK7.

What is the difference between crystal and lead crystal?

Technically, only products with at least 24% of lead should be appropriately termed as “lead crystal”, while products with less lead oxide or glass products with other metal oxides instead of lead oxide, should be termed as “crystallin” or “crystal glass”. Still, these are all often popularly termed as crystal.

Is crystal better than glass?

Crystal is more durable. Although crystal glasses are thinner than your average glass stemware, crystal is a stronger material, and it lasts longer.

Is Swarovski better than Pandora?

In terms of what they offer, Pandora typically offers a larger variety of jewelry styles and brands in their stores while Swarovski focuses more on their own signature jewelry. Swarovski’s prices are also higher on average, however, that’s the price of Swarovski’s brand and quality.

Why is Swarovski not selling anymore?

We have confirmed that Swarovski is making changes to their internal structure and will limit the sale of Swarovski crystals to select luxury branding partners. Dreamtime Creations will continue to purchase and sell Swarovski crystals through September of 2021.

Is Swarovski worth buying?

Not worth it’s hefty and costly price in India but it’s quality is superb. It has no worthy competitors in India as of now so it can easily sell it’s own products here.

What are the different grades of crystal?

The lowest quality is usually D grade. C grade is better than D, B grade is better than C and A grade is better than B. The biggest influence on quality is clarity. Generally speaking, the clearer a stone is, the higher grade it is allocated.

What is Egyptian crystal?

Quartz was widely used since Egyptians believed it had special powers. It is known that pharaohs and priests placed them in cylinders nearby to balance the energies in the body. … Egyptians also carved amulets from crystals. Some of the stones they used for this purpose were agate, lapis lazuli, carnelian and turquoise.

What is Strauss crystal?

A Strauss is a division of Swarovski, the Austrian maker known for highly refractive crystals used in jewelry and as ornament on everything from handbags to sunglasses. The company is involved in jewelry, accessories, figurines and collectibles. It is, logically, also into chandelier prisms and drops.