What does a pressure switch do on a pool heater?

The purpose of the pressure switch is to ensure that water is flowing through the unit before it allows the heater to turn on. The pool pump must be ON and your filter clean for the switch to close and allow voltage to pass through. Test the voltage reading on the pressure switch with a multimeter.

How do I test my pool heater pressure switch?

To see if the switch is working right, you can check it for voltage with a power meter or multi-meter. You can also temporarily bypass the pressure switch by using a jumper wire to make good contact with both terminals on the switch. If the switch is the problem, bypassing it should allow your heater to start running.

What does a water pressure switch do in a pool heater?

The water pressure switch is designed to shut the heater off when the water circulation pump shuts off. The water pressure switch will keep the unit from running when there is no water flow. The water pressure switch has a 1 to 5 psi pressure range on water pressure rise or fall.

How do you adjust the pressure switch on a pool?

Turn the screw slowly to the left, counter-clockwise, to reduce the minimum required pressure. Turn it slowly just barely beyond the point where the heater turns On. Other adjustable pressure switches have an Adjustment Wheel that you turn with thumb and finger.

What does low pressure mean on a pool heater?

When the Pool Pressure Gauge is Low!

When the pressure is lower than normal, this usually indicates a flow problem, and usually something is blocking or restricting water flow into the pool pump.

What would cause pool heater to not ignite?

This could be as a result of low gas pressure, inadequate air supply, or improper venting. Ensure that the gas is turned on, and for propane, make sure the tank has fuel. Also, check for water run-off from the roof or sprinklers that may be flooding the pool heater.

Why won’t my pool heater fire up?

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How do you troubleshoot a pool heater?

How to Troubleshoot a Pool Heater

  1. Examine Error Codes. If you find that your power heater turns on but then keeps shutting off, this could indicate that you are having water pressure issues. …
  2. Examine Power Sources. …
  3. Check Your Outdoor Temperature Settings. …
  4. The Pilot Light. …
  5. Leaks. …
  6. Exhaust. …
  7. Rust.

How do I know if my pool heater is working?

How Can I Tell If My Swimming Pool Heat Pump Is Working Correctly

Why does my Hayward pool heater keep shutting off?

A dirty filter can cause low pressure and as a result, cause the heater’s pressure switch to turn OFF. A dirty filter can prevent a heater from firing and it can also cause your heater to shut off before warming the water to the desired temperature.

Can you bypass a flow switch?

Most pool heaers have a bypass valve to divert water around the heater when it is not needed. Turn the valve lever clockwise to bypass the heater until you can replace the flow sensor.

What does Flo mean on a pool heater?

The FLO code is indicating that the filter pump has stopped the flow of water to your heat pump. The heat pump cannot heat without water flow so it will turn itself off until the filter pump timer turns back on giving the heat pump the water flow it needs.

How do you adjust the pressure switch on a Hayward pool heater?

Turn the adjustment knob on the pressure switch clockwise, until the heater turns off, then turn the knob 1/4 turn ounter-clockwise, so that the heater turns back on. Turning the adjustment knob clockwise increases the pressure needed to close the switch.

Why does a pool pump loses pressure?

There is an air leak (suction leak) in the underground pipe between the weir (skimmer box) and the pump, causing the swimming pool pump to lose pressure. The connector fitting at the weir or the pump could be loose or perished. The shaft seal in the pump could be cracked and leaking. The filter sand could be clogged.

Why is my pool pump not getting pressure?

It could be a clogged pump basket, impeller, pipe, or skimmer basket. It could also be a closed or broken valve before the pump. In some cases, the pump may have an air leak and is drawing in more air than water. This can reduce filter pressure (and filtration ability).

How do you fix low pressure in pool heater?

Low Flow or Inadequate Heating

Clean the filter and set the temperature switch to the ON position at a high enough setting that the heater turns on. Reset the timer to allow the heater to run for a longer period. Check the systems valves as well to make sure that they are turned to go through the heater.

Is there a pilot light on a pool heater?

Pilot Light Keeps Going Out

Direct sprinklers and rain spouts away from the heater or use a cover that will keep rain and snow out. You may need a pool heater wind stack to prevent wind from reaching the pilot light.

How do I reset my pool heater?

Reset the circuit breaker for the pool heater. Put the system in standby using the control panel (typically accomplished by pressing and holding the Up &amp, Down buttons) Check for an error code (if you see a code like bD or HF this could indicate a gas problem and your system will not reset until the problem is resolved)

How do you ignite a pool heater?

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Why does my pool heater say check flow?

FLO error on a pool heater is a common pool heater … – YouTube

Why is my electric pool heater not working?

The most common cause is flow, a dirty basket, or clogged or dirty filter. A pool heater is an “open boiler” system, meaning the heater is cooled by the water flowing through the heater. All pool heaters have a pressure switch or flow switch that measures the flow rate of water pumped into the heater.

Why does my pool heater cycle on and off?

The most common cause of a heater that cycles on and off could be inadequate water flow to a dirty filter or closed valve. (See information on How to Backwash a DE Filter or Clean a Cartridge Filter).

How long do pool heaters last?

You can expect a gas or heat pump pool heater to last 8 to 11 years, with an average of 10 years. Regular usage and maintenance is key to a longer lifespan.

Can your pool heater get clogged?

This issue can be diagnosed by removing the filter and running the pump again without a filter in. If the issue was, in fact, a clogged filter, you should have no water flow problems now. … When in bypass, the heater’s water flow switch (i.e., the pressure switch) should open, and the heater will not run.

What temperature should pool heater be set at?

What Is the Perfect Temperature? Pool water temperatures typically run between 78 and 82 degrees. Any cooler than 78 and you will feel chilled when you exit the pool. Any warmer than 82 and the pool will feel like bath water.

What does if on Hayward heater mean?

The Hayward heater LED display will show a diagnostic fault code of “IF” which stands for Ignition Failure. Undetected gas pressure problems if not investigated properly may result in unnecessary replacement and servicing of your Hayward Pool Heater.

What does Lo mean on a Hayward heater?

If the pump is slow to prime the heater may display an “LO” fault code and will take 2 minutes to automatically restart.

How do you troubleshoot a Hayward pool heater?


Hayward Pool Heater Troubleshooting.


What is the function of flow switch?

A flow switch, like all switches, is a device designed to make and break an electric current in a circuit. In an industrial system, a flow switch is essential in monitoring and controlling the flow rate of process media – such as steam, liquids, and gases.

How do you jump a pressure switch on a hot tub?

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How do you fix the flow switch on a hot tub?

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Why does my pool heater say HP?

HP or HI is an indication the high pressure switch is open. The switch opens when the refrigerant pressure rises above 590PSI, and will automatically reset at 440PSI.. The most common cause of HP or HI error code is restricted water flow.

How do I fix Flo error on Sundance spa?

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How do I get air out of my pool pump?

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Do pool pumps lose pressure over time?

Generally, the impeller lasts as long or even longer than the pool pump itself. However, over the years, it may wear out or damage with regular use. If the impeller isn’t working efficiently, this can cause low pressure.

Do pool pumps lose power over time?

Over time, older pumps can begin to deteriorate and lose power. In other cases, you might need to clean the filter or have it backwashed.

How do I test my pool pump pressure?

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